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Performance Improvement for Aerospace & Defense

A Solid Track Record of Enabling Improvement for Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers

Systemex’s technicians and engineers are typically not experts in specific industries. The team prides itself in being experts at the practices and methodologies and their practical applications. As such, we are able to help clients in various industries not only in manufacturing but also in the transportation and the natural resources sectors. Still, it is important to note that Systemex’s assessment and improvement tools have proven their worth with several manufacturers in the aerospace and the defense industries. Read on to learn more about our tools and past clients.

Systemex’s proven approach to maintenance improvement is based a rigorous assessment process, which includes the Blitz 12© Audit and strong interactions with the experts on your team to identify gaps in your maintenance processes and practices. Systemex can then support your team in the implementation of the prioritized improvement plan, delivered with the executive report containing the complete performance diagnostic based on the assessment results. Our experts master all the tools of maintenance improvement:

    • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)
    • Reliability-Centered Maintenance – RCM2 & RCM3
    • ISO 55000
    • LEAN Maintenance
    • Maintenance Economic Analysis
    • MRO Inventory Management
    • Lifecycle Cost Analysis

Systemex is your whole-life asset performance management specialist.

Systemex’s team has had considerable experience, as a consultant or a full-time employee, with the aerospace and military suppliers listed below:


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