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Our mission is to optimize the reliability, the availability and the cost of industrial assets during their entire life cycle. We achieve this by integrating with client teams and offering unparalleled technical and practical expertise combined with a strategic and result-oriented approach. We also believe in transferring our knowledge to customers so they can ensure the long term success of their business.

Specialized practical experts

Systemex Industrial Consulting is a specialized company known for their expertise and ability to find practical solutions in the following technical fields:

  • Operational readiness and commissioning
  • Asset performance management
  • Risk management
  • Maintenance / reliability outsourcing

The Systemex Industrial Consulting team of engineers and technicians, supported by world-renowned business associates (Aladon (RCM) and IAM), have established solid business relationships with large companies in many industrial sectors across America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The methodologies of Systemex Industrial Consulting apply to both the heavy industry and the manufacturing sector in general. Moreover, Systemex Industrial Consulting aims to make the best possible use of customers’ current equipment, to their benefit and high satisfaction.  This constitutes a key differentiator that makes Systemex stand out from other consulting firms on the market.

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Providing excellence since 2008

Systemex Industrial Consulting was established in 2008 by Louis Soucy, who had the vision to bring to the industry his expertise in reliability, risk management, maintenance and operational readiness consulting. In an effort to build a solid foundation for the company, Louis partnered with Serge Tousignant, President of DCM Group Industrial Contractors (industrial construction).

Since then, Systemex Industrial Consulting continues to grow, to build strategic partnerships, and to secure prestigious accreditations such as the Institute of Asset Management and the Aladon Network.

In 2015, Systemex Industrial Consulting announces its expansion in the United States with the opening of Systemex Industrial Consulting USA.  Based in Jacksonville, FL, SIC USA’s mission is to increase the reach of Systemex Industries’ services across the North American market.

Systemex now continues to forge new relationships with more partners across the border and to serve a growing number of Canadian customers.

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