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Our clients tell us that they face the following challenges:

  • A relatively low Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) due to limited availability of assets and increased downtime
  • Rapid delivery to prevent any disruption for the client, resulting in unplanned downtime
  • Shorter production lead times to satisfy the needs of clients which requires greater reliability of assets
  • A higher-than-expected unit cost due to unnecessary overtime, transport, etc., caused by production equipment failure
  • Reactive and rushed maintenance in order to repair equipment rather than scheduled maintenance to prevent any possible equipment failure
  • Ensuring all control and remedial activities related to the commissioning of equipment have been completed, to ensure the efficient use of equipment taking into account the performance and overall life cycle cost needed to maintain the equipment
  • Overcome labour challenges caused by the reduced availability of qualified workers

Here is how Systemex can help you meet these challenges:

  • Our asset management approach allows us to help your organization develop an efficient asset performance management system that will optimize working methods and the effectiveness of your equipment, reducing the occurrence of unplanned downtime
  • Our asset management plan aims to maximize your operational performance through the implementation of hands-on management systems that integrate a cause-effect analysis and continuous improvement processes in order to eliminate output gaps
  • Our maintenance improvement services will prolong the life of your assets by optimizing preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Our operational readiness and commissioning services will ensure coordination and synergy between production, maintenance, equipment providers (OEM) and the project teams so that your objectives are met in accordance with your design criteria, thereby ensuring of equipment usage at full capacity and availability.
  • Systemex offers a wide range of training courses and programs to help you develop the knowledge and competencies of your most valuable asset – your employees

Clients we have worked for in this sector include:

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