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RCM3™: Your risk management solution

By Louis Soucy, Eng., President

The Systemex Industrial Consulting team is proud to announce its certification for deploying the RCM3™ methodology and its recognition as an RCM3™ trainer.

Performance and asset reliability management has developed widely and has become far more specialized in recent years, with the introduction of new methodologies. RCM3™ adds a new dimension to the existing RCM methodology; effective risk management. The 4th generation of maintenance now consists of mastering probability and minimizing criticality when managing your risks, which will allow you to protect your brand image, to improve environmental performance and the health and safety of workers, and to maximize productivity.

In addition to meeting the requirements of SAE JA1011, the RCM3™ methodology now includes the identification and quantitative measure of risks related to possible deficiencies. This new approach helps determine the most efficient way to eliminate and mitigate risks in order to keep them under your threshold limits.

Following an analysis by Systemex, you will benefit from a complete maintenance program/plan to ensure the full functioning of your assets. Our analysis also includes correction and contingency plans intended to minimize your exposure to risks.

For more information on this new methodology, to schedule an introductory training session or to coordinate a pilot project, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

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