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More than half of all assets will experience failure during its life cycle, and its downfall can be attributed to its initial start-up. Preventing and eliminating the risk of asset failure and to ensure a smooth hand off from construction to production, Systemex offers technical support services to teams at the start-up phase and throughout the performance of the mandate.

Systemex has created a tried-and-true approach which translates to shorter commissioning times, cost reduction, improved target efficiencies and optimization of the life cycle of equipment. This unique methodology guarantees that every step of the process is carried out properly to ensure a smooth start-up and run-in of equipment. By following these steps, potential failures can be identified early on which in turn can prevent and eliminate subsequent failures in the production phase.

The transfer of knowledge from our team to the technical and production crews is key to the success of the process and ensures that key stakeholders can maintain and operate equipment efficiently when handed off to them. In recent years, Systemex has successfully applied this process in different environments including mining and chemical plants which present dangerous conditions. The process has been successful for mechanical, electric and electronic assets.

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