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Systemex and Marine Atlantic, crossing to a better future

Marine Atlantic’s mission is to provide a safe, environmentally responsible, and quality ferry service between the Island of Newfoundland and the Province of Nova Scotia in a reliable, courteous and cost-effective manner. The Corporation provides ferry services on two routes. The first is a year-round, 96 nautical mile daily ferry service between Port aux Basques, NL, and North Sydney, NS. The second, offered from mid-June until late September, is a 280 nautical mile tri-weekly ferry service between Argentia, NL, and North Sydney, NS.

Systemex has been Marine Atlantic’s partner in its asset management strategies since 2014. Systemex has led projects in its shore facilities to improve maintenance productivity and to help achieve reductions in non-value added activities and unplanned work. Systemex is currently working on a change management process with a goal of achieving cost reductions and optimization of the CMMS as well as of the maintenance on selected critical assets at Marine Atlantic’s terminals.
The Corporation has completed phase one of its Shore Based Maintenance Optimization project and now has a categorical assessment of its Shore Based Maintenance Program. In 2015/16 Marine Atlantic will be working with Systemex to implement a new shore based maintenance program, optimized to position Marine Atlantic for future success through the identification of correct work flow processes.
Systemex is providing a complete assets management program for the Fuel Delivery System and the implementation of the assets management plan of all the assets on both on-shore sites. Systemex is also providing a change management facilitator and coach for all of Marine Atlantic’s maintenance staff to implement best practices and continuous improvement. The processes implemented assure the reliability and the availability of the equipment so as to produce the performance required by the organization throughout the whole life cycle.

Systemex is currently completing its second maintenance performance improvement project with MAI. These projects are great example of how Systemex can help a company identify the gaps in its maintenance practices and help it implement an action plan to close those gaps.
The reduction in non-value added activities and the application of the criticality analysis to the maintenance strategy will help MAI lower its operational costs and remain competitive.

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