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Rapid Efficiency Improvement

Problem Solve your way to Lower Downtime and Higher Efficiencies

Let Systemex’s team of expert help you analyze your breakdowns and quickly attack your top downtime causes. Our analytical and technical expertise allow us to not only identify root causes and countermeasures, it also enables us to implement the solution, in the field. Through daily root cause analysis, the Systemex team, in partnership with the staff in place, will create a virtuous circle, promoting continuous improvement and transferring knowledge in the process.

Systemex’s proven approach to efficiency improvement has many advantages. The main advantage is that you not only get technical experts, on-site, but they are backed by the horsepower of the whole firm. Knowledge transfer is part of the Systemex DNA and our goal is always to ensure the local team becomes knowledgeable in all the tools and techniques. The Systemex toolbox include all the latest problem solving tools and improvement methodologies:

  • 8D, 5 Whys and Ishikawa (Fishbone)
  • A3 and A4
  • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Reliability-Centered Maintenance – RCM2 & RCM3
  • ISO 55000
  • LEAN Manufacturing and Waste Elimination
  • LEAN Maintenance
  • Maintenance Economic Analysis
  • Skills Gap Analysis

Using Systemex resources will allow you to quickly improve in the short-term, train the existing staff and evaluate staffing and expertise needs for the medium and long-term.

Typical results are presented in the table below. These results will vary depending on the actual mandate, the number of resources approved and the time allotted to complete the project.

When attacking downtime on a production line, the top 3 machines with the most downtime are typically guilty of 75% to 80% of all downtime. By addressing the main downtime causes on just 3 machines, it is usually easy to achieve a 25% reduction on those 3 machines, resulting in an overall downtime reduction of more than 20% for the entire line.

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