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Systemex: Your Partner in Assessing your Next Acquisition

With its experience in asset management across multiple and varied operational contexts, the Systemex team is extremely well positioned to help make your next merger or acquisition a success. Systemex can support your team throughout the M&A process as it pertains to the evaluation of the physical assets.

Systemex’ due diligence report includes:

1. Asset Inventory and Status

2. Equipment Life Cycle Assessment and Investment Recommendations

3. Warranty, Service Agreements and OEM Contracts Evaluation including service levels

Additionally, a due diligence performed by Systemex will include the Asset Health Index (AHI) for all the assets included in the transaction. The AHI methodology, which can also be used on a continuous basis as part of a sound asset management strategy, provides a way to evaluate the performance of an asset in its specific functional context and under the actual operational conditions. AHI considers all the factors that impact the health of assets:

1. Asset Identification – Manufacturer Name, Model, Manufacturing Date, Installed Date, Age

2. Asset Condition – Equipment and infrastructure physical condition assessment

3. Usage – Current usage assessment and analysis, including loading and stress

4. Failure Mode Analysis – Analysis of the most common reasons for failure and failure trends

5. Criticality & Risk Analysis – Criticality of assets relative to the fleet and Risk Tolerance Limits

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